How to become a firefighter?

The procedure to become a firefighter should not be underestimated. A strong motivation is very important, but you also need to dispose of a number of cognitive, technical and physical competences in order to become a member of a fire department.

Moreover, both the professional and voluntary firefighters follow an intense training after their recruitment so that they can guarantee their own safety and the safety of their colleagues and the people they help and protect. The recruitment of the operational personnel of the emergency rescue zones occurs in the grade of fireman, sergeant or captain.

Below you find more information on how you can be recruited by an emergency rescue zone.

1.    Register for the Federal Aptitude Certificate

To be able to apply to become a professional or voluntary firefighter, you need to obtain a Federal Aptitude Certificate. To do so, you have to pass a series of three tests. In order to be allowed to take these tests, you need to meet a number of conditions.

Overview of the tests for the Federal Aptitude Certificate

1.    The competence test

2.    The operational dexterity test

3.    The physical aptitude tests

The eleven training centres for the civil security organize the aptitude tests you need to pass in order to obtain your Federal Aptitude Certificate.


2.    Apply at the emergency rescue zone of your choice

Once you obtained your Federal Aptitude Certificate, you can apply at the emergency rescue zone of your choice.

Every emergency rescue zone can organize extra tests, on top of the tests of the Federal Aptitude Certificate. You need to pass these tests as well before you can be recruited. Obtaining the certificate is thus no guarantee to be recruited as a staff member of the emergency rescue zone. Taking the tests is a requirement before each recruitment procedure.


Visit for more information on the recruitment of firefighters, the federal aptitude certificate, the dates for the aptitude tests and firefighter vacancies.
Seeing as you need to speak and understand either Dutch, French or German to be able to apply, this website only exists in these three official national languages.